What is Social Engineering and how to protect yourself from its attacks?

August 2, 2023

Social engineering is a computer attack technique that uses psychological manipulation to deceive people and obtain confidential information or unauthorized access to computer systems. This type of attack has become increasingly common and sophisticated in recent years, and it can be very difficult to detect if you do not know what it consists of and how to protect yourself.

The goal of social engineering is to obtain information that allows attackers to penetrate computer systems, steal sensitive data, install malicious software, or perform other harmful actions. Attackers use a variety of manipulation techniques to persuade their victims to reveal confidential information or perform unwanted actions. For example, they may pose as a member of the IT staff, a company employee, or an external service provider, to deceive the victim and obtain confidential information.

Protection measures against social engineering

ES Consulting, a company specialized in technology and computer security solutions, can help protect companies against social engineering by implementing effective computer security measures. In this way, companies can minimize the risk of falling victim to social engineering attacks and keep their data and confidential information safe.

To protect yourself from social engineering, it is important to be alert and know some common techniques that attackers use. Some protection measures include:

Education and training: it is essential to educate employees about the dangers of social engineering and how to detect manipulation attempts. Companies can offer training and phishing simulations to help employees identify suspicious emails and messages.

Identity verification: if someone requests confidential information, it is relevant to verify their identity. Employees should ask for identification and look up the person requesting the information in the contact list.

Physical security: the physical security of computer systems is also important. It is significant to ensure that systems and devices are protected with secure passwords and that employees do not leave them unlocked.

Software and system updates: it is crucial to keep computer systems updated and protected with security software, such as antivirus and firewalls.

Network monitoring: it is valuable to regularly monitor networks and computer systems to detect suspicious activities and take preventive measures.

It is always influential to carry out a risk assessment to identify a company's potential vulnerabilities. Then, solutions such as firewalls, intrusion detection systems, and multi-factor authentication systems can be implemented to protect the company's systems against phishing attacks and other social engineering methods.

For any of these inquiries and services, the ideal ally is ES Consulting.

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