Top 10 Privacy Risks

March 9, 2022

If we stop for a moment to think about how the way in which we share our information has evolved, the most classic ones will go back to floppy disks and CDs and those younger ones will surely remember USB devices or even have only shared information through the Internet. It is these changes, which are also becoming faster, that generate a series of risks and threats.

Knowing the security risks is the first step to knowing how to protect ourselves. We present the 10 risks that OWASAP determined with the greatest probability that they can affect the privacy of your information.

The OWASP Top 10 Privacy Risks Project provides a list of the top 10 web application privacy risks and related countermeasures. It covers technological and organizational aspects that focus on real-life risks, not just legal issues.

The project provides advice on how to implement privacy by design in web applications with the goal of helping web application developers and vendors understand and improve privacy.

The list uses the OECD Privacy Guidelines as a framework and can also be used to assess the privacy risks associated with specific web applications.

Top 10 Privacy Risks

Version 2.0 of the OWASP Top 10 Privacy Risks List as of 2021. More information and related countermeasures will be provided soon.

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