SecurityCON 2021: A place where multiple experts meet to talk about cybersecurity.

March 10, 2022

SecurityCON 2021: A place where multiple experts meet to talk about cybersecurity

SecurityCON 2021 opens its virtual space on October 28 and 29 with the presence of expert exhibitors from the cybersecurity sector, addressing topics that we are sure will be of interest to you. This is the first edition of the 100% event with the organization of fast meetings, pre-recorded conferences, a workshop among professionals in the sector promoted by the organizers of the ES Consulting event.

Attendees will be able to access with their computer, tablet or mobile phone with internet connection and walk around our virtual space through their avatars that they will personalize when entering it and interact with the exhibitors, speakers and other visitors by voice, chat or by fastmeeting without leaving the event.

Thanks to our expert developers, they were able to simulate the functionalities of a physical fair and can put at the service of the event with conference rooms where the planned presentations would be broadcast, and an exhibition area where the stands of the different companies can be present.

In this way, participating companies could serve the public live from their countries of origin through avatars, and attendees could interact with them comfortably from wherever they are. The main topics that will be addressed will be: Pentesting with GO, Social Engineering, the evolution of forensic telephony, the protection of children and adolescents online, the Evolution of Wireless networks in Guatemala, among other topics. The technology on which these fairs are developed offers the possibility for the participants to speak by voice, chat or video with both the exhibitors and speakers and with the rest of the visitors.

Our event, in itself, represents savings in travel, accommodation and material that entails significant economic savings and a reduction in CO₂ emissions compared to similar face-to-face events. For all these reasons, they are a great opportunity to contact foreign companies and get to know other markets, especially Latin America and the United States, which will have a greater presence at SecurityCON2021.

‍How can I attend?

For all those who wish to participate, they can register at The investment to obtain a ticket is 15 dollars, which includes a digital kit, a certificate of participation and access to all the rooms of our virtual space.

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