Key computing technologies to protect your organization

July 17, 2023

Information security has gained increasing importance over the years. This is primarily due to the world's shift towards digitization, which amplifies the potential loot for hackers. Nowadays, organizations worldwide conduct the majority of their operations digitally, necessitating the presence of key technologies that can effectively safeguard their information.

Cybersecurity Ventures, a renowned research firm in the field of cybersecurity, has projected that by 2025, the costs of cybercrime will reach $10.5 trillion. Therefore, it is worth exploring the technologies that can help reduce the risks associated with this trend.

Essential cybersecurity technologies for all organizations

In the digital landscape, organizations require security mechanisms of the same caliber to protect their assets, and this responsibility has fallen into the hands of technology. As a result, a wide range of alternatives have been developed to provide protection for the different elements that converge to deliver services, including internet access, shared resources, and interconnectivity among various devices.

Here are the most relevant technologies for companies in the realm of cybersecurity:

Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS)

Early detection is crucial in cybersecurity and can make a significant difference when addressing an intrusion. IPS fulfill this function by maintaining a perimeter view of all attempts to enter the network. These systems act as security guards, attentively monitoring any unusual behavior originating from outside the organization.

For instance, Denial of Service attacks often follow a pattern of sending thousands of packets to the victim. IDS can recognize this behavior and apply the most effective actions to keep it in check, ranging from blocking the source to quarantining it.


While firewall technology has been around for a long time, its functionality has significantly improved over the years and remains highly effective. Its fundamental role is to serve as a control point between the organization's internal network and the internet. Considering the numerous dangers present in the global network, a firewall verifies incoming and outgoing packets. If packets from a suspicious source are detected, appropriate actions are taken to prevent the connection.

Moreover, a firewall allows us to safeguard different ports or connection points within our network. This prevents the exploitation of security vulnerabilities in ports being utilized by specific applications or services.

Incident Detection and Response Systems (IDRS)

An Incident Detection and Response System is another highly effective technology for cybersecurity. While IDS focus on monitoring external intrusions, IDRS provides a comprehensive view of the entire platform. This includes unauthorized attempts to access resources, virus activities, or sensitive data leaks. Additionally, IDRS have the ability to deploy predetermined responses to these incidents, ensuring immediate action in response to any event.

Endpoint Protection

Endpoints refer to the final devices used to access network resources, such as computers, laptops, smartphones, tablets, and more. Generally, they are the weakest link in the chain since they are under the control of users. Thus, two aspects converge here:

Device protection solutions, such as antivirus, anti-malware, and similar software.

User best practices: Individuals using these devices must have a basic understanding of security measures to mitigate risks.


Pentesting, or Penetration Testing, is a collection of knowledge and tools that fall under the umbrella of Ethical Hacking. The primary idea is to apply various intrusion techniques to the organization's platform to test the effectiveness of implemented security measures. This allows you to assess the performance of active security solutions within the company.

By considering these technologies and investing in them, you can effectively mitigate the various threats present on the web. Information is the most valuable asset for companies today, and protecting it will save you significant time and money.

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